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Meet our amazin’

Team members

Bryan Lim
Business Director/ Executive Producer

Being a man of action more than words, I continually strive to develop all aspects of the business, improve the overall operations of the company, and win at every FIFA match.

Ming Han
Creative Director/ Branding & Creative Lead

A creative at heart, I choose to see the potential in every little detail, believing that any idea can come to life and find its way in becoming a story to tell - no matter how big or small.

Ming Yue
Account Director/ Content Strategist

When I’m not busy strategising for business and content whilst working with different teams on multiple projects simultaneously, you’ll probably find me being an introvert, listening to music all day long.

Adele Hing

You’ll find me all over the place: producing, designing, editing, or just making sure the team’s on the same page. Jack of all trades? I’ll take that title, thank you.

Bella Chin
Account Executive/ Content Writer

A little wonky and a little unhinged, it’s all fun and games until I have my hair up in a bun. Once the hair goes up, the creative tinker comes out—don’t talk to me when that happens.

Caleb Lim
Video Editor, Videographer & Photographer

I do everything and anything from random serenading in the office to break dancing in the middle of shoots and perfecting my dance choreos. Oh, I also take lead in our video productions and shoots, no biggie.

Darren Arvid
Project Manager

Someone once said to me, “When life gets bumpy, you can count on Darren to make it smoother. When life gets better, you can also count on him to make it intriguing.”

Desmond Keoh
Video Editor & Gaffer

My title says Gaffer & Video Editor but if we’re being honest I’m Video-Editor-Grip-Gaffer-Production-Manager-Office-Handyman-Part-Time-Comedian. Someone, anyone, change my description please.

Graeme Tan
Account Executive

I love challenges and learning new things. I always believe that the secret ingredient to doing anything in life is coffee, love, and a little bit of common sense.

Jemsen Tan
Lead Video Editor

The team likes to say that I make bad puns, no pun intended (sorry). But hey, I make up for it with design, video editing and visual graphics; safe to say, they can all suffer in silence.

Jeremy Tey
Designer/ Video Editor

The team said if I didn’t have a description, they’ll use a random sentence generator for mine. Sike! I did it myself - I’m going to eat yogurt.

Kimberly Ching
Video Editor

Focused, determined, and loves great food. This is also probably the loudest you’ll hear me.

Maxine Desiree Goh
Showrunner/ Video Editor

I stitch videos together and add my own flair to it. “No feedback”, “Good to go” and “Approved” are music to my ears and no, not everything is fix in post-able.

Melody Chua
Admin/ HR

I’m in charge of rounding the team up and making sure no one gets a pink slip. (Yes, we have those here). A huge believer of second chances, you technically get two first impressions when you meet me.

Naomi Seah
Designer/ Social Media

Name me a better duo —Illustrator and Photoshop. And I’ve probably seen you somewhere (on social media).

Natalie Tay
Lead Designer/ Social Media

Before acting on anything, I like to take my time in understanding the full picture; absorbing as much detail as I can whilst focusing on the goal ahead.

Nathaniel Kuilan
Account Manager/ Strategist

NSFW (sometimes), rowdy (most times), but always sharp as a tack. Probably the only content strategist in the room that knows how to have a good time.

Ryan Low
Audio/ Motion Graphic Editor

I’m the resident sound man and hypebeast in the office. Throw me some of your ideas, chances are I can animate them.

Sophira Chong
Account Manager/ Content Writer

Even though I look angry most of the time, I promise I’m actually only angry half the time. And if the bosses are reading this: I really love doing work.

Valentina Tan
Account Executive/ Content Writer

I appreciate the simple things in life like a clean pantry, excel sheets, and a cheeky, little dessert once in a while.

Vivian Lee
Content Writer/ Social Media

I love bread. I also spend my time keeping up to date with the latest memes, topics of conversation, and whatever the kids are up to these days. Have I mentioned that I love bread?