Transforming relationships with students

Social Media Management
Video Production & Photography
Branding & Content Consultation

We needed to create engaging brand experiences and build solid connections between INTI International University and their students.

Perhaps one of the toughest audiences on the digital scape, how could we win over selective, highly self-aware, and internet-proficient students? By pitching youths against youths, that’s how. “By youth, for youth”, this was how we won over the TikTok generation. 

Filling in the blanks

Who better to help us dive into the minds of students than thinking like one? We enlisted our team to help us dissect what makes students tick, and what kind of content students wanted to see on their feeds. How can we bridge the gap? How can we grab their attention?

With this in mind, we pitched a series of social content that revolved around educating, entertaining, and empowering our audience. From educational carousels, highlighting social issues, and triggering nostalgia to trend jacking, student spotlights, and even developing a virtual brand persona; are we ‘Gen Z’ enough now?

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