GRAB-bing chicken together

Video Production & Photography
Campaign Planning & Execution

We’re no strangers to GrabFood - one of Malaysia’s most well-known food delivery service providers which has bridged convenience and efficiency when it comes to getting food served on the table. 

In 2019, GrabFood took notice of how customers were primarily ordering chicken dishes - so much so that it dominated almost half of their list of most ordered items. They decided to leverage on this with the BokBok Together campaign to drive a “Buy 2 Free 1 Chicken” deal to encourage customers to purchase chicken dishes with combos and add-ons.

Filling in the blanks

The BokBok Together campaign was aimed to be eye-catching and top of mind. To achieve this, GrabFood envisioned a series of bite-sized videos which revolved around a K-pop inspired boy band named B.O.K who would have their troubles resolved through GrabFood’s chicken delivery.

We made their vision to bring B.O.K to life with meticulous planning and execution of their promotional video ads. From talent casting to the curation of Tae, Ae Yam and Wing Wing’s looks, outfit, set and food design; each step was crafted to perfectly deliver the campaign message. 

To further drive the concept of ‘BokBok Together’, a K-pop inspired jingle was produced to be played on radio ads, promotional videos and used as the main soundtrack for a fun TikTok challenge. 

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