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Here’s How We Started

About us
A little exposition

You’ve heard a million different stories about how people start up their businesses after meeting a life-changing moment. Or a stroke of genius that resulted in a monumental movement. Us? Often, we wished we had a fancy story to tell as well.

Back in 2012, Bryan, Ming Han, and Ming Yue wanted to create a place that would unify both passion and purpose through their love for storytelling - bringing to life Core Studios. Over time, as projects and productions started to grow bigger, so did the team.

Where we’re at today.

Being “creative” is overrated. Everyone’s creative. This is where Blankslate steps in. Remember the three guys mentioned earlier?

Fast forward to 2020, they realised that what truly sets creativity apart is in its ability to bring a different approach to the same problem; to constantly explore new and more ways to tell a story.

Merged with this realisation, Core Studios can be known today as Blankslate. As a creative digital marketing agency and consultancy, we specialise in making the good even greater.

We believe that all stories have a purpose, no matter how grand or how simple, and we want to help you tell yours.

Just bring what you’ve got and we’ll help fill in the blanks.